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January 31, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I bring you a message, of great joy, and love, and peace, the peace, which is rich, true, deep, and of great value, to you; to be at peace.  If I can sit with you, a while, and we can walk, together, a while, and we can speak, as friends, for a while, then you will slowly return to peace.  So, let us sit, and walk, and speak.                                               


      “There are often turbulent times, upon Earth.  And during these times of chaos, and confusion, and agitation, it is very difficult to find a place of peace, which is why you need to establish peace, within your being.  You need to know inner peace.  Then, when it is time, you can open the door, and go within, and find peace, even when chaos is swirling around you.  So, let us discuss peace, personal peace.

      “One way, to assure personal peace, is to ignore those, who are tempting you to fight.  Now, when I say fight, I do not limit the fighting to fists, and feet, and pushing, and shoving.  The fight can take place, and do as much harm, when it is words, used as weapons, and not the arm.  For, when there is fighting, you see two, or maybe more, exchanging blows, until the last one hits the floor, and it is very obvious, there is a fight going on.  And in that mayhem, there is usually, proclaimed, a victor.  But it is all wrong.  No one wins in a fight, a physical fight.  It is an exertion of energy, until you are exhausted, and then you fall, and another falls.  And it all begins, days, or weeks, or years, later, once again.  It does not resolve anything.  The fight, with words, can be more insidious, because a bruise will fade away, but the wounds, and the hurts, made by the words exchanged, take longer, heal slower.

      “Resist the temptation to fight another.  Let your arms be at rest.  Be silent.  Refuse to fight, with the body, or with words.  If peace is the goal, refuse to fight.  Or, at least, be honest with yourself.  Are you saying peace is the goal, but what you really desire is domination, or to have another one, say that you are stronger, you are better, you are sharper, you are wittier?  You must first decide the goal.  And be honest about it.  But, if the goal is peace, no fighting should take place.

      “When one approaches you, tempting you, taunting you, to fight, you must make a choice.  Choose not to fight.  It is not a fight, if one is battering another.  It is not a fight, until you join.  Do not be tempted, pushed, or prodded into fighting another.  Offer to share, that which you have.  When they are tempting you to fight, tempt them to sit, and join you, in a meal.  When they are tempting you to fight, offer them a place, on your bench, to sit, and rest.  When they are tempting you to fight, offer to share your story, not with accusations, but with that, which is in you, your story.  Offer to share.  And then, offer to hear their story.  And do not interrupt, as they tell their story, because, My brothers and sisters, every human being, upon the Earth, has their story, which has come to them, from generations, passed to them, hand-to-hand, or blood-to-blood.  Every individual, you encounter, has a story, that had its seed, thousands of years ago.  And whatever that seed was, it was tended, and watered, and nurtured, until you see the fruition, of the seed planted, thousands of years ago, standing in front of you.  So, when you see another, you are only seeing the surface, the fruit.  You know nothing of the roots of the tree, but you can see the individual, standing in front of thee.  And you cannot calm their hatred, or fear, or heal the wounds, that are deep, within, by fighting with words, or fists.  But you can pause the fighting, by offering to share, to exchange, to listen.

      “Today, spend some time, establishing a peaceful presence, within you, so that, when your time comes to be taunted, or tempted, or teased, to fight, you will not react, but you will act, remembering the words of God.  Refusing to fight is an action.  You choose it, and that is your position, and that, which comes from you, is good.  Reject the temptation.  Begin the initiation, by offering to share, all that you have, in peace.”