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January 4, 2020



      The mighty tree, the tree which has lived hundreds of years, withstands the storms and the winds, because its roots are deep within the Earth, and its branches reach-up into the heavens.  It knows day and night, it knows sunlight and rain, and its roots know the Earth, as they move through the dirt and grow stronger.  The tree knows the light, the tree knows the Earth.  Because the roots are deep, and the branches are wide it withstands the storms.  Use this example with relationships of all kinds, because when the storms come the relationship will remain as long as the roots are deep, and the branches and limbs are open to receive the light of the sun, and the nurturing of the rain.  Let this be our relationship as well, for in our relationship you will find all you need.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the root system on a tree is very shallow sometimes, when the winds come, and the storms howl, the tree is toppled, and it is easy to see the fallen tree’s root system exposed as very shallow.  Let your roots go deep, becoming familiar, let your arms reach-out to embrace the sun and the rain.  Experience Earth and all its glory.  Experience God and the glory of God by reaching-out, and up, and going deep.