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January 4, 2021



      Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen for My words, and they will come to you, flowing to you, holding you, and enfolding you within the sweet harmony of Heaven.  To hear Me fully, listen with your soul, your spirit, and your heart.  Hear My words, as if, for the first time, allowing them to lead thee into communion with Me.  Do not assign the ways of the world to the words I speak, for they are of Heaven, and they will lead you into thinking heavenly thoughts, speaking heavenly words, and performing heavenly deeds, as you walk upon the Earth.  Come.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen, and you shall hear Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you listen for the words of God, prepare to hear them, to receive them, as they are spoken, not as you think they should be, but, as they are; for, the words of God are The Wisdom of Heaven, and God is waiting, to fill you with this Wisdom, if you will be still.  Let the Sacred Song of Heaven wash over you, and through you.  Listen with your soul, your spirit, and your heart.  Do not attempt to frame a masterpiece from Heaven to fit within the borders, concepts and precepts of the world created by man.  That which comes to you, from God, cannot be confined or defined by the ways of man.  The Words of God reverberate throughout The Kingdom of Heaven, throughout eternity, and they will reverberate throughout your being, blessing you with wisdom, and life, glory, and light.  They will bless you with peace.