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January 5, 2019

God SpeaksThe
for your destiny, is
written upon your heart;
it is carried by your soul, and
your spirit ~ knows it  ~ well.
Those who live around you,
your family, and friends,
they  will  not  know
your destiny, un-
til they see
it, un-
the things you
say, and do.  Be confi-
dent that you carry the destiny
you are meant to fulfill within you.  Be
still, be watchful, be vigilant! 
And The Holy
Spirit says:  The way to know, with confidence,
that which you are meant to do, is to set yourself
aside:  frequently, quietly, prayerfully; and, in the
stillness,  the answers  you seek will come to you,
because it is a promise that: if you seek,
you will
find, and if you knock, the door will be opened.
Therefore, seek … knock … watch … and listen!