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January 5, 2020


      “I AM with you.  I AM with each one of you whose heart is open.  I will not desert you, or leave you standing in the storm alone, for wherever you go there too I shall be, for we are one.                                                         


      “When I walked upon the Earth My mission was sacred.  I walked upon the Earth as fulfillment of all prophecy of The Messiah, a path that was set by the prophets who received the words and spoke the words.  And, the words were written down, and The Way was established, waiting to be blessed, anointed, and fulfilled.  And, when it was time, I came, sent from God, to announce good news, good tidings, that freedom would come to all who would embrace love, the new command, love one another.

       “There were thousands whose hearts were ready to hear the words, and they embraced the words as seeds sown in the garden well prepared, but there were many whose hearts were closed.  If I could not unlock the closed hearts with fulfillment of prophecy, the delivering of miracles, and words of love and kindness, and compassion, you will also not be able to convince the closed heart with words.  No matter how eloquent they might be, no matter how truthful they might be, no matter how compelling they might be, they fall away as rain splashing on a rock.  But, what can you do to share the good news within you?  You can live it.  The way you live, the things you do, the kindness and compassion welling-up within you, and spilling-out onto those around you will say far more than your words.  In fact, these deeds, seen by the eyes of all around you, will be as seeds, planted in a garden.  The words, which could not open the heart, brought to life will be evidence of the ways of God.

       “Yes, you are here for a purpose, and yes God wants you to share all of the goodness you feel within you, but you must wait until it is time.  If you throw seeds, if you cast seeds, upon sidewalks, the birds will come and carry them away, but they will not grow.  If you cast seeds amongst rocks, that is not a fertile place, and like a heart that is locked the rocks will not embrace the seeds, to hold them, so that they might grow.  Even if you sow the seeds in soil, they still might not produce all that they are capable of producing unless the soil has been prepared to receive the seeds.  That is when the seeds produce flowers and food in great abundance, when they are sown in fertile ground.  The garden flourishing is proof that the seeds were good, is proof that the gardener knew how to tend the soil before planting the seed.  Therefore, to produce a fertile garden, one that you can share with everyone, tend your garden within.  Take the seeds that God has given you and place them in the fertile soil of your heart, and your spirit, and your soil, and let them flourish.

       “Seeds begin their growth hidden beneath the soil, and the evidence of that growth, that new life, is only apparent when the shoot, the delicate shoot, breaks the surface and begins to unfold, growing in the light.  This is how you can change the entire world: by tending your own garden; by making sure that your garden is prepared, and ready to receive the seeds; by maintaining your garden and letting it grow, at its own speed, in its own time, until the evidence of the growth within you breaks through and embraces The Light, evidence of life for all to see.  This opportunity is available to each of you.”