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January 5, 2021



      You, and only you, are the master, of the doorway, into your temple, which is the physical body, you are wearing, for a brief time.  When you welcome in The Light, Love, Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness, the spirits, of these beautiful creations, abide within your temple, because you, as the master, at the doorway, invited them to come in, and you feel filled with light.  It is easier to accomplish tasks, that are difficult, because you are filled with Light, and energies of My Kingdom, of your Kingdom, of Heaven.  But the opposite occurs, if, as master, of the doorway, leading into your temple, you permit, or invite, greed, retaliation, anger, hatred, sloth, envy, any of these creations, to come into your temple.  There they abide, and they move, throughout your temple, leaving destruction, in their path.  You feel weary and tired.  In fact, you avoid every task, that is yours to do, because you are being consumed by the spirits of the dark or shadow.  But at the same time, you are the master.  Cast them out.  Rid yourself of these demons.  Push them out of the doorway, and with firm resolve, set a stance, that they shall not return, to ruin your temple.  Hold your physical body as sacred, as sacred as the spirits, of The Kingdom, from which you come.  Fill your temple with Light.  Fill your temple with Wisdom of Heaven.  Fill your temple with Kindness and Compassion.  Fill your temple with Generosity.  It is constant, that watch at the door, because those shadowy energies will implore you to let them in, or distract you, so that they might sneak in.  Be vigilant, and watch, for you are the master, at the doorway, of your temple.  You say, who comes, and goes.  But also, it is yours to cast them from you, when they are no longer welcome.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Guard your temple gate, as if you understand the treasure, held within.  Do not permit darkness, or shadow, to enshroud the treasure you hold within.  It is all up to you, and this is responsibility.  But this responsibility will lead you to confidence in what you are doing, understanding that you would not be told to cast this evilness from you, unless you were able to do it.  You are the master.  You choose what enters your temple, today.  Choose, wisely.