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January 6, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way, therefore, I send signs to you, every day, so that you might look, and see, and walk with confidence.  Follow your star.  Do not be persuaded to follow another’s star.  Follow your star.  You might encounter one, or two, along The Way, that is following the same star, and that is good.  It is pleasant to have companionship, along The Way.  But if your star veers, to one way, or the other, do not stay, but follow your star.  At the end of your star, you will be rewarded.  It will shine brightly, upon you, and you will know, that, which you were meant to do, has been accomplished.  Do not give up the light of your star.  Follow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       One of the rewards of following the signs, sent to you, every day, is that you are confident, as you make your way, through this lifetime journey, upon the Earth.  You are confident because you know that you were vigilant, the sign was made clear to you, and you followed.  Therefore, there is no doubt.  When you live a life, free from doubt, you live a life of peace and confidence.  Follow the signs.  Follow your star.


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