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January 7, 2019



      Begin to realize that you are upon the Earth so that you might do My work there, so that the walls might fall, and The Kingdom of Heaven might flow freely onto the Earth, because you care.  There are those around you today who long for a gentle touch, a kind word, a deed performed in friendship.  They present the opportunity for you to be My gentle touch, speak My kind work, and do deeds of love and friendship.  Go forth this day and be My hands, My eyes, My lips, My ears, and My heart.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you will take the time to ponder your position, who you are, the responsibility that sits firmly in your lap, you will realize that you have the privilege and the honor of bringing Heaven onto the Earth, one thought, one word, one deed at a time.  Therefore, let that be your goal, for it is a worthy goal, a noble goal.