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January 8, 2021



      Be thankful, and hold gratitude upon your heart, for all that you have been given.  You have been given the gift of life.  You live.  Be thankful and grateful for the gift of life.  As you live now, your spirit, the eternal you, shall live forever.  Be thankful and grateful for the breath of life that is yours.  As you breathe, and fill your lungs with the breath of life, know I AM with you.  As you breathe, you breathe-in My creation, and My Spirit, which is held within all creation.  Your earthly life is sustained by the breathing-in and breathing-out of creation, which holds My Spirit.  You draw My breath from creation, and you offer your breath to My creation.  It is a cycle of infinite communion with Me, even as you are upon Earth.  As you breathe, with every breath you take, you are connecting with Me, inhaling My gift of creation.  As you breathe, you are of Me, and I AM of you.  When you know this, you will know the gift of Joy, in every fiber of your being, and your spirit, your soul, and your heart will respond in a joyful song of thanksgiving and gratitude.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be thankful and grateful for the glorious sun, and the tranquil moon.  Look and see the miracle, which holds them in place, in time and space: with the sun providing warmth, and light, and energy for all of Earth to grow abundantly; and the moon summoning the rising and the receding of the oceans of Earth, completing cycle-after-cycle.  Each one, impacting all that is upon the Earth: announcing times of slumber and of waking, times of planting, and harvesting; heralding times of coming-in and going-out, times of arriving and departing.  Be thankful and grateful: for food, when you are hungry, and water to quench your thirst; for shelter, when storms abound, and lightning strikes, and thunder rolls; for the warmth of a fire, when it is cold, and the shade of a tree, when it is warm.  Be thankful and grateful for the simplest of things, for these are the things of value, these are the things to be cherished and treasured.  But first, and foremost, be thankful that you live, and with every breath you take, God is within you.