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January 9, 2019



God SpeaksThere is no need to be abrupt or abrasive
with those who do not agree with your mission;
for, by doing so, your words and actions might
a shadow  over  all the good  you are accomplishing.
Proceed, and follow your destiny,  using understand-
ing,  and compassion,  and kindness,  whenever you
could have used 
a lesser energy.   Make sure your
words,  and  your actions,  match  the intention
set, for your mission!   And  The Holy Spirit
says:  In all ways,  uphold  the honor
of the mission.  In all
ways, be
respectful, toward
freewill choices.
Walk, confidently!   Let
thoughts be of glory,
creation, for the light!  Let
your words follow your thoughts,
and let your deeds  bring  all things
firmly onto the Earth.  In this way, your
destiny  will  be  complete, and your thou-
ghts and your
words and your deeds, blessed!