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January 9, 2020



      The spirit, that is the eternal you, is held within the body that is temporarily yours to use, to move over the Earth, to accomplish a mission.  But, one day the body, which is temporary, will fade, and the spirit will grow, and bloom, and blossom.  It is more magnificent than the body, yet you do not see it.  It is hidden within the body.  But, if you will take some time to connect with the spirit that is you, feel the eternal you, you will experience the real you, reaching beyond the body, out into eternity.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Because you see your face reflected in a mirror, or a window, or in a picture, or in a book, you see your face and your body every day, therefore it is easy to believe that your body is you.  You associated the physical body as you.  But today, spend some time pondering that you are grander, and greater, and more magnificent than the body you see every day.  Your spirit, held within your body, can show your body The Way, if you will begin to acknowledge the real you, and what you are upon the Earth to do.