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July 06, 2020



      I send My word, from this heavenly Home, The Dimension of Perfection.  And it rides upon My breath, and flows into the third dimension, appearing as a spark from another realm, flowing constantly, so that those willing, to hear the word, know the word.  And those who hear the word and know the word breathe-in the spark, and within them it becomes a flicker and a flame.  My word is sent to you, so that you might see, so that you might live, free of shadow and darkness.  For I tell you this, no manner of darkness will overtake a flame.  The light always illuminates darkness and shadow.  Even in a vast cave of darkness, a solitary match brings light, pushes the darkness away.  But, left untended, the light, once ignited, will eventually flicker, and go out, and darkness invades, once again.  Embrace the words I send to you.  Hold them close and draw them within you.  Tend the flame that comes from within you, as the words bring you My light.  If you tend the light, if you are vigilant with the light, that is within you, then the light will shine from you, and darkness and shadow will not have dominion over you, but you will show The Way in The Valley of Darkness.

And The Holy Spirit says:

     In the darkest of night, when the moon has no light, and clouds cover the stars, as they twinkle above, far off, in a distance, you can see a torch.  You can see the torch, and you believe it is a flame, because that is your experience, your life experience, upon Earth.  But, when you revisit that experience of total darkness, seeing light coming to you, from afar, think.  Think of the power, that one light can be seen, in all that darkness.  But if many torchbearers are carrying the light, and they walk together, the darkness fades, and soon the light, carried by many, in a place that was filled with darkness and shadow, brings so much light that it appears that a day, a new day, is dawning.  And it is a new day, the day when those who are ready rise-up and use that light within them, and let it shine, and walk in the darkness, so others too may follow.  When you stand-up, others too will rise to the occasion.  And the lights will appear, and the shadows will disappear, and darkness shall be no more.