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July 1, 2020



      I AM love.  I love you.  Nothing can change that which I AM.  Nothing can change My love for you because I AM love.  And since you come from Me, and since you are My creation, you are of My love, you too are love.  As I open My arms and wait, love is pouring from Me, with no measure, and it fills the cups, and they overflow.  And this love, and these overflowing cups of love, are your treasure, an endless stream of love, flowing from Me to you.  And, since you are held within this embrace of eternal love, it is possible for you to love too.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you are upon the Earth, it can be difficult to comprehend unchanging, unaltered, unending, love.  But God is love.  Therefore, nothing comes from God but love.  When you permit the love of God to embrace you, and hold you, you find comfort and peace, a sanctuary in which to dwell, during your time upon Earth, as you complete your mission.  Nothing can alter this love, no matter what you do.  Nothing you do can change that which is.  You see a tree, and you know it is a tree, because it is a tree.  You see a flower, and you know it is a flower, because it is a flower.  As you come from God, as you come from love, you can carry this love of God, this unending, unchanging love of God, into the world created by man, and you can let it flow through you, extend your hand, and let those around you see God: because of the loving things you do; because you permit the love of God to flow through you.  And, because you are held in the love of God, and the love of God flows through you, those around you know God too, through what you say, and what you do.  You see, God’s love continues through you, if you will allow it.