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July 10, 2020



      Plenty can easily turn into excess, if you are not mindful; and, excess can also turn into greed, not being happy with what you have, before grabbing more than you need, as a child, running through a candy shop, might take handfuls of this and that, and eat them quickly, not savoring one taste, but filling their mouth, until their stomach is aching, and the joy turns quickly to sickness.  Enjoy the life you have been given, one taste at a time.  Enjoy all that comes to you.  Experience all that comes to you, one thing at a time.  For when you are seeking for more, it is easy to forget, or dismiss, the joy of the one taste you just experienced.  Soon, it gets all jumbled-up.  Take life one minute at a time.  There is no hurry.  You have exactly the right amount of time to gather to you the joys and the pleasures of Earth, and to have that experience, one at a time.  When you reach for too much, the tastes are comingled, and soon you cannot tell what taste belongs to this, or that, or the other.  Remember, possibly some years ago, when you cut open an orange, and that first drop of the juice, from the orange, touched your tongue, and filled your mouth with delight.  That is the experience to seek.  The glory of all is held in every drop.  If you taste, completely, and fully, every drop, you come to know the whole, for that drop holds the taste of the whole orange.  Taste it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       So often, so much, is available, and you can be easily swept-up in a sea of plenty.  Seek to enjoy one thing at a time, so that you know it, so that there is pleasure in knowing it, whether it be a day, or a friend, or the taste of an orange.  Whether it be a walk in a park, or the sunset, at the end of the day, enjoy what is with you.  Enjoy that which is with you, because as you enjoy the sunset, at the end of the day, and breathe-in the colors, you will know The Way to happiness.  Each sunset holds every sunset.  Each walk holds the energy of every walk.  It is all one, and it is important to come to know the one with each unique piece of the one.