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July 10, 2021



      At the present time, you cannot see the spirit that is thee, because your spirit is held within the temporary vessel, the body, the physical body.  So, you see your body, but you cannot see your spirit, right now.  But I tell you this, the day will come, when the dirt and the dust, the body of Earth, will fall from you, and your spirit will rise-up, ascending, from the soil of Earth, into the Heavens, because Heaven is with you.  It will be all around you, fully, completely.  And your spirit will match The Kingdom of Heaven, perfectly.  You will rise, and stand before My eyes, and I will say, I see you, and it is good.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Whenever you see a caterpillar, crawling across the ground, working its way into the dirt, and the dust, of Earth.  You cannot see its wings.  There are no wings upon the caterpillar.  They are within the caterpillar.  And there comes a time, when the caterpillar sheds the robe of dust, and ascends, from the soil of Earth, into the sky, a brilliant butterfly, wings blazing with colors, and when caught in the light of the sun, it is stunning, and you hold your breath, and secretly whisper, I see you, and it is good.