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July 11, 2020



      You will never be free while anger is dwelling inside of thee, while anger has a hold upon thee.  For, when anger finds a place within you, it throws open the doors, and calls-out, so that you are inundated with the spirits of judgment, hatred, anxiety, fear, and many other names.  And he summons them, and they join the spirit of anger within you.  Wisdom does not abide within anger.  Therefore, when these spirits take up residence within you, you will not find wisdom amongst them.  When you feel as if you are drowning, in these spirits, call My name.  Do not hesitate, do not wait until the morning sun rises.  Stir from your bed, or sit down from your chores, and call My name, and together we will pronounce a litany of Gifts of The Holy Spirit, and Fruits of The Holy Spirits, and we will summon The Powers of Light, and they will cast from you, as you call them forth, the darkness of shadow, the darkness of anger.  Be mindful how you feel.  Do not rest when anger is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day, make sure that you announce, make a pronouncement, of that which you wish to hold within you.  Create charity, and forgiveness, and generosity, within you.  Create compassion, and understanding, within you.  Create justice, within you.  Create all the good, within you.  And continue this heavenly creation, all through the day, because doing this, the process of this creation, will act as a shield, and keep darkness away.  Today, rise-up, and work, and play, but fill yourself with light in every way.  Do not give anger a place within you, for you will know not the words of wisdom.