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July 11, 2021



      “I AM with you.  Listen.  You will feel My Presence with you.  Listen.  Turn away from the noise, of the everyday world, and walk with Me, so you might take The Path of The Divine Light.  There is much I want to tell you.  And I will tell you all that you are ready to hear, right now, as we draw near to each other.  Come, walk with Me, awhile.     

“God did not create the energy of greed, nor envy.  Greed and envy do exist.  They are energies created by the children, upon Earth, in their thoughts.  And, as they are created, they live.  So do the energies of fear, and dread, and doubt, and confusion, because they too were created, within the thoughts, of the children, upon the Earth.  And these energies move, all over the Earth, and every day such energies are either rejected, or embraced.  But there are also children on Earth, who, within their thoughts create, love, kindness, generosity, compassion, all the things of light.  And as they are created, they live, and they move over the Earth.  Sometimes they are rejected, and sometimes they are embraced.

      “You cannot see the spirit of envy, but you can feel the presence of envy.  And as one is creating envy, within their thoughts, their words reveal the presence of envy, and their deeds take it further, into realization.  Therefore, it exists, for them, and all those around them.  The unseen is more powerful than the material objects you can see.  Spirit makes it so.  You are spirit.  The Spirit of God is within you.  And your spirit animates your body.

      “The baseball and the baseball bat are material objects, inanimate objects, until you think, you create the thought, that you will pick up the bat, and hit the ball.  Then the creation, of what you are going to do, brings your spirit to the bat.  And you pick it up, and you hit the ball.  And your spirit animates that bat, that ball.  And the essence of your spirit remains within that material object.  This is why, so often, you can hold a ring, that is many years old, and feel something, from that ring, that was worn by a kind, loving person, because the essence of their spirit remains in that ring.  You are more powerful than you can imagine.  God has given you creative ability, use it for Light.  God has given you free will, use it for Light.  God has given you the time on Earth, to complete a mission, use your time for The Light.  Do not waste time.  Do not dabble in darkness and shadow.  Reject it, outright.  You know the feeling of the presence of anger.  And you also know the feeling of the presence of forgiveness.  Choose the feeling that brings you peace.

      “Spirit animates the body you are wearing, right now, for a while.  God is Spirit, and Love.  You come from Spirit, and Love.  And after your time on Earth is complete, you will return, fully, to spirit, and continue your eternal life.  It is time to realize The Glory of Eternal Life, and the importance of this portion of your eternal life, because you are creating it, every minute of the day.  Stop.  Pay attention to what you are thinking, to what you are doing, to what you do say.”