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July 12, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Moving through the corridors of time, I AM with you.  Reaching-out so you might feel My presence, drawing nearer, I AM with you.  I whisper, speak your name, and you hear, and recognize, My voice.  You know My presence, and I know yours.  You know My name, and I know yours.  You recognize Me.  When I speak, you hear, and listen, and know.  I will never lead you astray, but guide you to where you are to go, so that there you might meet your destiny and move along the path.


      “When I was a very young boy, upon the Earth, I knew it was important to stay connected with God, to stay in touch with The Creator of All Things, so that I might walk The Way, rather than to be led astray by distractions.  And even thousands of years ago, I can assure you, there were many distractions.  I was open to the ways of God, listening to the ways of God.  And one day, I found Myself in the temple, surrounded by men of great learning, men who had studied, sometimes argued, about rules, and laws, and commandments, and the things of God.  But I was very young, and had not read the books, or the rules, or the laws, as completely as they had, yet I knew them.  I knew them within Me, in every fiber of My being.  I stayed open.  I kept the connection open between Me and Heaven.  While My feet were firmly planted on the ground of Earth, I was connected with Heaven.  And so, when I spoke, that one particular day, the things that God was telling Me to say, the elders marveled, that one so young could know so deeply, and completely, and fully.  They did not seem to recognize at all that they were the words of God, coming through the lips of a child.

       “This happens all the time.  Individuals get caught-up with what they know: about the latest things that have been written; about memorizing a litany of rules, and regulations, and man-made-laws.  And as these things crumble, when the truth fails within them, another set is put into place, and once again the litany begins.  And those, who know all the right words, begin to feel rather arrogant and pompous, because they know the way, they know the right things to say.  But without the connection with Home, these things are not blessed with The Wisdom of God; therefore, in many ways, they are empty words, meaning very little. 

      “The Wisdom of God needs to be heard, every day.  If it is not heard every day, it is possible for you to spiral into darkness and shadow.  Even though you are repeating the words of commandments, and laws, and rules, and regulations, your heart is not filled with The Wisdom of God.  Therefore, when you bump into something that has not been written down, has no directions attached to it, you fumble.  You cannot think how to move through it, because the world, created by man, has not come up with a guideline for the issues at hand.  And I tell you this; no, I promise you this, if you stay connected with God, if you keep your channel open, you will know the ways of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth.  And the ways of Heaven will be The Wisdom of God.  And you will not need a guidebook to tell you how to make your way through any situation, any relationship, or any issue at hand, because the words of God will be pure, and simple, of Light, and Glory.

       “I know of which I speak because this is how I walked upon the Earth.  I did not close My thoughts and fill them with the things of the world.  I talked to God all day long.  I was open, and the energy moved into Me, and the Power was Mine to use upon the Earth.  And I tell you this, from the time of your birth, you have the same opportunity.  This is why I could say to you that you could do everything I was doing, because that which I was doing was of God, down to My words, most often I would say, these are not My words, they are The Words of Our Father.  You can find these words written.  I did not hide them.  I did not attempt to exhibit powers that were only Mine.  I made it clear, these miracles were Divine, and from God, and the miracles were performed so that all seeing them might know The Glory of God, in The Works, and The Powers, of God.

       “It is all there for you, My brothers, and sisters.  You too can be filled with The Glory of God; stay open!  You too can hear The Words of God, every day; stay open!  You too can walk upon the Earth, filled with The Wisdom of God; stay open!  Open your heart; feed your spirit; tend your soul; stay open to the ways of God!”



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