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July 12, 2021


      The sooner you can forgive, all people, all things, which occurred, during your lifetime, including yourself, the sooner you can slip into the phrase, let bygones be bygones.  Once the bygones are bygones, you are no longer carrying your sack, of the unforgiven, around with you, weighing you down.  There is no need for you to carry the weight of yesteryear.  Take some time, and find a quiet place, and with intention, and purpose, forgive all things, and all people, and again, including yourself.  And as the tears wash your face, clean of the debris of the unforgiven, you will rise-up lighter, happier, because bygones are bygones.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Lay down the burdens of yesteryear, with the simple act of forgiveness.  There will be the temptation to believe that whatever is unforgiven, that person, or that situation, is not worthy of your forgiveness.  I tell you, if you are worthy of forgiveness, then surely others are worthy of your forgiveness.  God forgives all things instantly.  There is nothing you can do that cannot be forgiven, by The Creator, because all of that will weigh creation down, bring spaces of burden.  It is not necessary.  Reject the temptation to hold grudges, and desire revenge, or retaliation.  It is not a noble path.  Today, take some time to begin forgiving, and include yourself within the forgiving act, and bygones shall become bygones, and you will be lighter, as you walk along The Way.