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July 13, 2020



      Embrace the gift of life you have been given, and live.  Live for the glory of living upon Earth.  Live for the everyday delights which occur upon Earth.  Live for each sunrise and sunset and celebrate the rising and the setting of such radiance.  Live with enthusiasm.  Live in a glorious way, so that those around you might know Me through the living you do.  Celebrate that you are alive, and you shall not die, but continue to live, moving, for all time, through this eternal creation of Mine.  I have given you a place in eternity.  Live as if you know this.  Embrace the gift of life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most of you need a special happening to celebrate, joyfully.  Some of you require only a kind gesture to celebrate, happily.  Few of you realize that waking each day is cause for celebration.  And still fewer of you realize that living, just being, is worthy of great celebration.  Today, sing-out in song, and celebrate all the day long.  You live, and you shall live forever.