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July 13, 2021



      Do not be swayed by what the world tells you is important; for I tell you, what is important is that you maintain your inner corridors, and hallways, and chamber, in such a way, that they are clean, swept clean.  Do not give safe harbor to unclean spirits.  Cast them from you, as you feel their presence.  When you are clean, within, then our conversations reach a new level: there is nothing, shrouding The Light, that is within you, that is of Me; there is nothing, within you, that is shrouding My Love for you, My Light, within you.  Clear direction will always be yours, in a most pristine way, if you will take charge, of maintaining, your inner dwelling.  Check, and do so today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is more important to maintain your dwelling, in such a way, that you are free of spirits of darkness and shadow.  And, sometimes, in the event they are hiding there, being very quiet and still, it is important to establish a time where you clean your inner chambers.  Just as you would brush your teeth and comb your hair, in the morning, and at night, do so with your inner dwelling.  Cast from you those unclean spirits, so that you are pure, within.  And as you are clean, within, the lights of The Kingdom of Heaven, that are within you, shine brilliantly, and you breathe deeply, and you know who you are, and what you are doing.