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July 14, 2019



      “I AM with you.  You are never alone.  For those of you who are willing to open and receive, the gifts flow-in, as many as you need, and you begin to carry these gifts with you, and use them as the day unfolds; for, as you use the gifts of Heaven the miracles appear, one after another: exchanging smiles for a tear; exchanging abundance for lack; exchanging peace for chaos!   

“Sometimes, there is conflict between the ways of the world and the ways of God.  Occasionally, they flow together, but often they are different.  If you abide with the ways of the world, you will be hesitant to reveal many of the gifts of Spirit you carry with you.  If you are concerned about being thought different, strange, or ill, you will not share many of the messages ~ and the courage you gain from the messages and messengers ~ out of fear.  So, I tell you this, most of you have either read these words, or heard these words, or at least have an inkling of these words within you, because, of all the words in the Bible there are many that stand-out, because of repetition, and these stand-out, because of repetition!

      “Before I returned to our Eternal Home, I did speak to those I loved, and I said to them, I have more I want to teach you,  I have more I want to share with you, because I love you; but, it is My time to go; therefore, when I return to our Eternal Home, I will ask Our Father, and The Father will send The Holy Spirit to dwell within you: so that when you feel lost, you will know The Way; so that when you need words of encouragement, they will be there for you.  I also added, that no one around you will know The Holy Spirit; for, they will not see The Holy Spirit, because The Holy Spirit will be dwelling within you.  Now, certainly, these words I AM speaking to you today are a paraphrase of the conversation I had with those I loved; but, which of you would be willing to stand-up, and say, without hesitation, ‘I heard the words of The Holy Spirit within me, and these words guided me through the storm, these words filled the sail that carried me over troubled waters, these words were my wings, during the storm, and they brought me home, safely, where I could be at peace, and warm?’.

      “Many of you believe the words, regarding The Holy Spirit.  Many of you believe that The Holy Spirit was intentionally sent to be your Counselor; but, if you doubt what you are hearing from within, the guidance from within, how can you know where to go?  How can you see the unseen?   Every aspect of your life upon Earth has been covered with an insurance policy.  It is all ready for you.  The angels have all gone before you to prepare a way for you to walk, for you to live.  No stone has been left un-turned, which would trip-you-up.  You have the instruction plans, you have the guidance and the direction maps, they are all in you; but you cannot utilize these tools of Heaven, if you will not open to The Spirit of God within you!   And when you open to The Spirit of God within you and find the strength and courage to speak of this direction, that gives you power, over deception and evil, and any type of disruption you might encounter.  How can you help those around you; without the willingness to use the tools you have been given, you all become solitary ships in a sea of turmoil.  There is no unity.  There is no community.  There is only darkness, and doubt.

      “As you prepare to go into the week, remember, ~ no matter what you are going to face, this coming week, ~ there is already a plan in place.  The Holy Spirit is within you to guide you!  If you can believe this, then use it!  Do not deny it!  Do not hope The Holy Spirit is there within you, know it, and then act as if you know it!  The more you practice, and the more you open to the communication of this Divine Counselor from Heaven, the less likely you will be to say, ‘I thought I heard, I thought I saw, I thought I felt.’  The days will pass, and soon, you will be witness to, ‘I heard the words of The Holy Spirit, and they guided me all The Way Home’!”