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July 14, 2021



      There will be times, when you are tempted, to alter what you are saying, or doing, or creating, so that it fits the mindset of another, so that you do not upset another, so that you fall more in-line with another.  Reject the temptation, outright.  When there is a question, about how something is to be done, or what you are to say, be still, and let The Holy Spirit guide you to that point, for in this way, you will have the perfect answer.  You will know exactly what to do, and do it, The Way The Holy Spirit guides you.  For, you will find yourself in a maze of confusion and doubt, if you try to please others, at every turn.  But you will find, that doing, and saying, as you are guided, by The Holy Spirit, within you, is the perfect answer, is The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes it will take courage to say, that which I guide you to say, or to do, that which I guide you to do.  But, if you will focus, on doing The Will of God, then: the words you say will be filled with The Wisdom of God; the things you do will be blessed with The Wisdom of God.  And, even if you are the only one, standing in a room, saying what I guide you to say, or doing what I guide you to do, you will be held in My arms.  You will be blessed, and you will grow in faith, because it will be the truth.  It will be God’s truth.  It will be the truth of The Dimension of Perfection.