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July 15, 2020



      Let joy fill your heart today.  Do not permit the lists of things to do, and places to go, occupy your focus for this day.  Let it unfold in a sacred way.  Before you attempt to do anything: breathe-in, deeply, and fill your lungs, with the life-giving power of the air, around you; then, breathe-in, deeply, and fill your spirit, with the life-giving power of The Holy Spirit, within you.  You do not have to go into this new day alone.  The truth is, you are never alone, as My Holy Spirit resides within you.  Just because you ignore, or forget, or deny this sacred truth does not make it less sacred, or less true.  It is My gift to you, My Holy Spirit within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM with you, and within you.  Let us go into this day together.  I will answer your questions, and bring you The Wisdom of Heaven, if you will allow it.  It is time to begin this new day, in a sacred way.  Seek the answers within, and you will know The Way.