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July 15, 2021


      The Divine Will lives, continues, and flows.  And all that is intended to be, all that is created to be, is fulfilled, within The Divine Will.  It is destiny.  And each one is called to step into their destiny, so their actions, thoughts, and words, become part of The Divine Will, in that way.  Therefore, do not stand back, and hesitate to step into your destiny, believing it might be too difficult, or beyond you, because I say, your destiny was written for you.  And it is The Way you move, with your intention, using your will, to flow into The Divine Will, so they are as one.  Recognize your destiny.  It will be calling to you.  Do not fear it.  Do not doubt it.  You have the strength, and the courage, required to complete your destiny, and merge it into The Divine Will.  I AM with you.  Together it shall be accomplished.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you feel hesitation, about stepping into your destiny, be still, and sit with Me, and I will fill you with wisdom, beyond what you can imagine now.  And you will find strength, and courage, in that wisdom that is The Truth of God.  And I will encourage you, every step of The Way, because as you fulfil your destiny, your destiny carries your free will into The Divine Will, and they become one Divine Will.  Do not hesitate, be still.  I AM with you.