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July 16, 2019



      Every day, that comes your way, presents an opportunity, sometimes many opportunities, to rise-above the normal, and deliver the sublime to Earth: for, that is how it is meant to be, My child.  Heaven can be brought onto the Earth through you: what you think, what you say and do.  Therefore, look for every opportunity to be the doorway, so that Heaven might flow, freely, onto the Earth, and onto those around you!

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      As the new day is here, new opportunities are near.  Do not close your eyes to that which is coming your way.  Do not try to dismiss it, or ignore it.  If the door is open, walk through it.  If the window is open, lift-it higher.  If the pathway is there, walk upon it.  Your experience of Earth is meant to be sublime, a sacred adventure!  Bless the Earth, by opening to all the opportunities, and deliver Heaven, to Earth, today!