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July 16, 2020



      When you are in the season of sweet, and tender, times, and fair winds fill your sails, and move you over calm seas, celebrate.  Have gratitude on your heart for all that is with you.  Tell you friends, and family, tell your loved ones, of your joy in being with them.  Be generous with that which is yours, with that which has come to you, during these times.  Give freely of the treasure you hold.  Give freely of both: the spiritual treasure, and the temporal treasure.  Give, because when the change comes, and when the wind blows, and brings in the stormy seas, blowing so hard that it scatters the friends and family, that you find the money is depleted, and the sun has gone, you will not be alone, because those, who you shared your treasures with, will return, and bring you that which you have given.  That, which you gave in generosity, will come back to you, in a gift of love.  And those who you told, so often, how joyful it was to know them, will come back and sing that song, that they learned from your lips.  That which you give will always come back to you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be sure today, you tell those around you they are loved by you.  Do not take joy for granted.  Do not take the comforts you experience for granted, because the winds of change can move-in, suddenly, and all that you knew will be scattered.  But, if you have planted those seeds of love, with tender words, and if you have always shared that which you had with others, during these stormy times the words you spoke, and the deeds you did, will come back to you, through the hands, and the lips, of others.