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July 16, 2021



      Hold open your arms, and your heart, and your spirit, and your soul.  Hold open the doors to love.  Do not permit the world to slam them shut.  Do not permit the world to shut down your love.  There will be days when you find it challenging, sometimes difficult, to be open to love, because the world, created by man, can be harsh, and mean, and daunting.  But that is the perfect time to open your arms, and deliver love, from your heart, with your soul, and your spirit, because then, the challenge, the difficulty, anything that is daunting, is enfolded in love.  It is faced with love.  It loses power with the grace of love.  You can do more with love than anything else you might try.  Hold open your arms, your heart, your spirit, and your soul, and be the love the world needs today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For those who practice this, opening your arms, in the face of meanness, or anger, or frustration, find that it works.  It works!  It is the best thing you can do.  When you feel as if you do not wish to give love, that is the time to do it.  And that is the practice of doing it, and as you practice doing it, your muscles get stronger.  Your arms get stronger, with love.  Your heart gets stronger, with love.  Your spirit, and your soul, soars, in the abundance of love.  And soon, with practice, you find it relatively easy, to be love, when there is the challenge.  Practice makes perfect.