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July 17, 2020



      Come, and sit with Me, and we will sit in the power of Wisdom, for a while, for My ways are the ways of Wisdom.  Wisdom does not lead you to tear-down, mock, or humiliate another.  The ways of Wisdom lift you up, and all those around you are lifted- up, as well.  The ways of Wisdom bring light, where there once was darkness; and as you see in the light of Wisdom, all those around you will see, as well.  The ways of Wisdom bring clarity for all.  When you are tempted to speak ill of another, to be angry with another, to harm another, in any way, stop before you speak or act, because the ways of Wisdom, My ways, do not tempt you to destroy, they guide you, they lead you, to the glory of My Light.  It is time to discern the difference.  That inner voice, tempting you away from The Light, is not My voice, is not the voice of Wisdom.  Wisdom is pure.  Wisdom is truth.  Be still, be quiet, and listen, for I AM speaking to thee, and My words will lead you, and guide you, into The Ways of Wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Wisdom is not held in the thundering outburst of anger.  Wisdom is held in the tender dewdrop, resting at the petal’s edge, sparkling in the light of the sun.