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July 17, 2021



      It is easy, for you to trust traffic signs:  Stop; Yield; Green light, go; Caution at a railroad crossing; Slow down for school zones; Heavy truck traffic.  You observe these signs, most of the time.  And watching, and heeding, and obeying, these rules of the road, assure you a better chance of leaving your destination, and arriving home, safely.  Today, watch for My signs.  You might be getting ready to say something to someone, and within, you feel a prompting, to be still, and quiet.  You might be getting ready to turn in one direction, when a bird flies, so close to you, going in the opposite direction, that you cannot miss that sign.  Someone might approach you, and tell you a story, that alters your perspective, ever so slightly, and it seems to make things better.  You are more understanding, and compassionate, because of the person that was sent to you.  There will be signs, all around you.  And these signs help you leave your destination, and follow The Way, follow The Way all The Way Home, in peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are individuals, who seek direction, and guidance, from someone, who has the authority to give it, and often, it is a counselor, or a pastor, or a parent.  And the guidance is taken to heart.  I AM within you to be your Counselor.  Ask, and I will whisper to you, The Way to go, that is best for you.  And you will find comfort in My counsel.  And I will draw you close to Me.  And I will show you everything you need to see.  The signs will come, and I will whisper, and you will know The Way.


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