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July 18, 2020



      Do not wish you lived in another time, or in another place, for where you are, right now, in that space, in which you find yourself, is where you are meant to be.  In that place, that sacred space you hold, right now, you have a course, a path.  The Way is before you.  You have a destiny, a purpose, a mission.  And this mission, for right now, was never meant to be for another time, or another place.  It is brought to Earth, by you, to be addressed, in the place, in the space, in the time, you abide.  When you feel the call, within you, to rise-up, to stand, then rise-up, and stand.  And let your words be words you were meant to deliver to every woman and every man, every inhabitant who will hear you.  And, let your deeds follow your words, so they might see you, too.  Do not fulfill your mission with anger upon your heart.  Be strong.  Rise.  Stand in My light, and deliver your message, as a song of love, bringing truth to all who will hear.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you see another person rise-up, and take a stand, but do so, not with a hand formed with a fist, but a heart formed by the hand of God in love, then it is difficult to look away.  It is impossible not to hear what they say, because the lion of God is speaking, and the words are truth, and the truth comes from love.  And, once they are spoken, the message is complete, and the mission, fulfilled.