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July 18, 2021



      There is much for you to know.  And, as you learn, you grow in My ways.  But something, that is essential, is that you set down the burdens you are carrying.  Set down all the frustration you have with your brothers and sisters.  Set down the irritation you have with the ways of the world.  Set down your wounds.  Set down the trespasses you perceive.  You do not have to carry these burdens.  The Way to begin is to forgive.  And at first, you might not believe, completely, the words you are saying.  Still, it is important to say them.  And especially the most difficult things, or people, to forgive, you must begin with them, first.  And say, I forgive.  Let it come from the heart.  And even though you might choke on the words, at first, say them, and spit out that which you are choking.  When you do this, and continue to do it, repeatedly, it gets easier, and easier.  And you will know it is complete, when you think of the situation, or the person, without animosity, frustration, hurt, or anger.  You just see them, and know them, and you can say their name, and you can bless them.  Only then, is the forgiveness complete.  And once you have forgiven all the things, you need to forgive, sit with Me, and we will iron out the wrinkles in the fabric of your garment, and we will smooth over the ripples, and mend the tears, and you will be ready, to walk amongst your brothers and sisters, and love, and forgive freely, and dance joyfully, because you will be free of your burdens.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       And so it is.  Setting down your burden is as easy as forgiving, loving, and staying close to God.


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