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July 18, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I speak to you, and you recognize My voice.  The vibration moves into you, and it is as fingers upon the strings of a harp.  You know me.  I know you.  And we share this time together.  We walk, and talk, together.  And it is good.  I AM with you.        

“So many of you, in your prayers, tell Me how tired, and weary, you are, how hurt, and alone, you feel, how you have been rejected.  And I hear your cries, and your prayers, and I know you, because I know your heart, just as God knows your heart.  Without belittling that which plagues you, I wish to say this to you, today.  You can free yourself of the misery you are experiencing, but it takes work.  And it takes a willing heart.  Your spirit, who you really are, the spirit that is you, which is held within the physical body, desires this completeness that it already has, but your body can be weak, and tempted, and even if you set the course, toward freeing yourself, the body is going to tempt you back to the rut, to the place where you have always been.  And I reach out, and say, come, follow Me.  Pay attention to the words, that were left behind.  Hear Me.  Through time and space, hear Me.  You might not see My face, but you know Me.  You recognize the call.

      “Today, is the day to begin the practice of forgiveness.  And if you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you might say to yourself, I have forgiven all things.  But if we sat, together, and reviewed, going back, going back, going back, you would find that there is not only something, not only one thing, but possibly, and probably, many things, which need to be addressed.  But once you have the faith to address them, once you believe it is important to forgive, these things of the past, as you do it, and as the forgiveness comes to fruition, you are lighter, immediately, because you are no longer carrying that chain, that burden, that weight.  And then, and only then, do you realize the difference it makes in you.  Forgiveness is about no one, but you.  The prayer, that I taught you, says, forgive me, as I forgive others.  Hold that thought and forgive others.  Once you begin this practice, it actually becomes something, which you enjoy doing, because you feel the freedom immediately.  You do not have to wait for the stew to simmer.  You can dine on that divine light that comes from the practice of forgiveness. 

      “Begin today, in a serious way, not just letting the words come over your lips, and out of your mouth, but do it within.  Let your soul, your spirit, and your heart guide you, to places where the unforgiveness has been hiding, and go, and work, and be free.  Once you take care of that, once you feel lighter with that, take all weariness to God, take all decision making to God, take all mountains, and challenges, and obstacles to God, and they will crumble, and fall from you, because you will find, sitting in the presence of God, that it is not necessarily your decision to make.  Yours is to follow the decision made by God.  The Divine Will holds, within it, your will.  The struggle comes, when you insist, it must be done your way.  And you turn from the wisdom, and you stray into shadow.

      “If you will do these two things, if you will begin practicing these two things, forgiveness, and sitting with God, you will not be weary, you will not be burdened, you will be free, because your desire, to forgive, has forgiven thee.  You will live in the light of God.  And, as you sit with God, you will live in the light and the wisdom of God.  Start today.  Practice, and see.”



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