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July 19, 2020



      An important part of communication is listening, hearing what the other person is saying, hearing for the purpose of knowing how they feel, knowing what is on their heart, accepting what they are saying.  Without this vital piece of communication, you are left with two people, or more, saying exactly what they think, and no one listening.  This is not communication.  This is making pronouncements, and announcements, and stating your opinion.  But, as you walk away, you leave no richer than when you came to the situation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The wise one listens, listens for the purpose of knowing the heart of another.  The wise one does not listen to correct, or find fault, but to gain understanding.  And, by gaining this understanding: it is possible to have compassion; it is possible to hold another in high esteem.  It is possible to know the heart of another, but first, you must be willing to be quiet, and listen.


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