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July 19,, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, and you are with Me.  My presence, with you, is a reflection of eternity, all around you.  Eternity is moving around you.  It all flows together.  You do not have a sealed box for now, and for later, and for that which was.  No, these things are not in a box, sealed, and tied-up.  They all flow together, as one.  It is possible for you to breathe the air of yesterday, and breathe the air of tomorrow, while you breathe the air of today.  It does not matter if you understand these statements, totally.  What matters is, are you willing to accept these statements, and move along your path, knowing each revelation will come to you, as it is time to come to you?  With every step you take today, you are preparing to step into tomorrow, when it is time, and when you are ready, when today passes into tomorrow.                                  


      “I would like to address, for a moment or two, a vital piece of communication, which is missing, often, and that is listening.  In the world created by man, you have come to a place where every individual, each person, and most often children, as well, will feel it is important to say what they are thinking, to make a pronouncement.  This is what I think.  This is who I am.  Listen.  But what has happened, in this attempt for the individual to be understood, is that no one has been shown the importance of listening.  So, you have thousands of voices, raised in explanation of who they are, why they do what they do, and say what they say, and go where they go.  But no one is listening.  This is not communication.  This is proclamation.  Today, if you want to see the world from a different perspective, hold your tongue, and listen.  Now, do not listen with the purpose of catching someone in a mistake, of correcting someone’s error, of trying to tell them a better way to do it.  Listen with the purpose, and the intention, of knowing what the other person is attempting to relate to you.  And listen, with a purpose and intention to take what they say, and understand, their ways, better.

       “The more you listen, the broader, and the wider, your perspective becomes, and you are no longer just one dimensional, holding your stance, in what you believe; but, you begin to understand how others feel.  You begin to know what they believe.  And you know these things, at a personal level, because you are willing to listen.

       “Your pronouncements, of that which you believe, and you think is correct and right, can often be altered, be made fuller, and richer, and deeper, by opening your arms to embrace what another is endeavoring to explain to you, to say to you.  You become kinder in your ways.

       “When you listen, it is possible for you to know the hearts, and the thoughts, of many.  And there is no limitation, no boundary, to how many you can hear, and know, and understand.  This is the road to wisdom, which is often neglected, because so many feel it is important to make their statement, to make their stand.  But who will listen?  If no one is listening you might as well not take a stand, for no one hears in an ocean filled with petition.  Listen.  Pay attention.  And, as you do this, you will find that those who wish to speak to you, to talk to you, to share with you, are showing you their heart.  And their numbers grow, because they cannot find many that are even interested in what they are saying.  And, over this sea, of voices raised, it is necessary to get louder and louder, because you feel, the louder you speak, and call-out, the more likely it is that you will be the one heard.  And this is misinformation.  It just makes everyone else get louder, and louder, as well.

       “When another person comes to you, and they begin speaking to you, and they begin sharing with you, that which is within them, take the time to listen.  This is a blessing, and a gift.  As you listen, and listen well, you find that many wish to speak with you, and many wish to tell the stories that they hold within, because when they come to you, they are given center-stage.  They are the important statement, being made, and you are not correcting it, or topping it, or rejecting it, outright.  In this way, you permit each person, who comes to you, to be true to who they are.  So often, people walk around without saying what is on their heart, because they know they will be corrected, rejected, or become the source of mockery. 

      “Freedom is given to another when you listen.  They are free to be who they are in your company, and then you begin to know that individual at a heart level, at a soul level, going deeper than the façade.  And this is freedom.  Listen to what is being said to you, and set aside the need to say what is important to you, at that time, because the more you listen, when the time comes for you to rise, and take a stand, the stand you will take will be of wisdom.  You will have earned the respect of those whom you heard, and you know.  And by hearing, and knowing, you have found wisdom.  You do not have a one-dimensional position.  You find that you can embrace, those who come to you, if you will just listen.  And, as you listen, the loud voices will grow quiet.  And there will be a pause, all because one person is willing to listen.

       “I encourage you to go into this day, using these words as an example, so that when one person comes to you, and begins speaking, listen.  Listen to their heart, and you will know.  Listen, and therein you will find wisdom grows within you.  This week, set the course to peace, understanding, and compassion, by listening.”


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