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July 2, 2020



      Many of you will encounter a period, in your lifetime upon the Earth, when each new day feels more like training camp than a walk in the park, or a day at the beach.  It seems as if those around you are enjoying life, while you are rising-up each day to see how far you must run, how far you must walk, how far you must go to master the obstacles and challenges that are in front of you, waiting to be tackled, to be overcome.  And, as you rise each morning, and put your feet on the floor, you feel exhausted before you begin, because you know, once more, there are miles to walk, and miles to run, and obstacles to endure.  But somewhere, between the enduring and the event, for which you are being prepared, endure results in endurance, exercise results in strength, all, the obstacles you encountered, turns into confidence.  And come the event, for which you are being prepared, you are ready.  You are ready because: after jumping the rope one hundred times, you knew you could jump the rope one hundred and one times; after mastering one hundred obstacles in the course, you knew that you could tackle just one more.  And, so it goes, one step leading to another.  But, the first step always begins at the door, the door that is in front of you.  Will you open it and walk through?  Are you willing to meet the obstacles in front of you?  It might make it easier for you to do, if you know that the obstacle in front of you is something you can do, for the one who is training you does not give you something impossible to do.  The strategy of the training is to give you something that you must reach to do.  It is in the reaching, the going one more step, the jumping one more time, to making another climb, where you are truly prepared.  If your life feels more like a training camp than a park bench, it is for a reason.  You are being trained for a great event.  Therefore, look at each day as your opportunity to grow, to move from that which you endure to endurance, to strength, to confidence.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are being led to climb to the top of a mountain, it is for a reason.  If you are being led to walk through the desert, it is for a reason.  If you are being led to ford a river, or cross an ocean, it is for a reason.  These things, to which you are led, are a piece of your journey upon the Earth, are part of your mission upon the Earth, and all that you encounter, is for a reason.