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July 2, 2021


      There is a time, during every day, when you have the opportunity to slip away into a more divine perspective, of what is happening around you.  Accept, that opportunity, and be still.  Take a minute, or longer, to see what is before thee, in a divine way.  See the opportunity, and all the possibilities, for an outcome that is glorious, if you will but look through the eyes of your soul.  See with The Wisdom of Spirit, and the answer will be emblazoned in gold.  Understand, you will have this opportunity.  Be prepared to take it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The Golden Flecks of Eternity move, and float.  They are present.  They are present with you, but most often you cannot see them.  But when the opportunity comes, and it does every day, for you to look at a situation, or another person, in a divine way, embrace that opportunity.  Reject the ways of the world, and see, as you are meant to see.  And as you do, and as you are willing to do, the outcome is golden.  It sparkles.  It is real.  It will not pass away.  Make the decision today to seek that opportunity, to look for that possibility.  And then, change, and alter, your perspective, so you see, through the eyes of your soul, and The Wisdom of Spirit.  You will see, and you will know.