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July 20, 2019



      Your Earth experience is passing, it is brief; therefore, before you reach the end, before you find you are experiencing the last day, stop now, enjoy what is all around you, for the trees are not planted only for the wealthy.  Those who have very little monetary, or material, things, see the trees, as well.  The flowers do not bloom, and the birds do not fly, only for the privileged, they are there for all to see.  The abundance of Earth is free.  Look and see what Earth is creating every day for thee:  food to eat, The Green Kingdom to help you breathe, flowers to scent the air, far sweeter than the most expensive perfumes.  Abundance is free.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Once you begin to set your intention to experience each day in a sacred way, it quickly becomes something you do each day.  Soon you do not have to remember to stop and watch the caterpillar crawl.  You do not have to remember to gently touch the head of the dog, or take a deeper breath, inhaling the aroma, the scent of a flower.  You do not have to remember to look-up and see the blue of the sky, and the fluffy clouds, and the birds flying by.  These things are the blessings, blessings for all.  It does not matter what you own.  All of the glories of Earth are yours.  Pay attention.  Be thankful.