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July 20, 2020



      I wish to teach you My ways.  Come, draw nearer to Me, and I will enfold thee within My love.  I will teach you the ways of Heaven, so you know the glory of My love.  And, when it is time, and you are ready, I will whisper, rise, My son, stand, My daughter, because I will know, as you have been prepared, it is time for you to rise-up, and go into the world: to speak the ways of Heaven; to perform deeds, glorious, and grand.  My child, do not rise-up in anger, for there will come a temptation to speak, before it is time.  Be patient, and wait for My voice, and I will whisper, and you will recognize My call.  And, in this good timing, as you rise, as you stand, your words will be perfect, your deeds wonderous, as you have been taught, and led, by My hand.  The farmer does not harvest, the crops in the field, until it is time, until they are ready.  The master, of the orchard, does not pick the fruit, until it is time, until the fruit is ready.  The master, of the vineyard, does not send workers into the field to cut the grapes, until it is time.  And, the baker does not remove the bread from the oven, to offer it as nourishment, until it is time.  Wait, and listen, and be vigilant, for My voice will echo within you, when it is time.  And, when you speak, at My call, when you rise-up, in answer to My voice, your words will be as rewarding as the wine from the perfect grape, as the bread from the master baker.  And, your deeds will be glorious, fulfilling, sustaining, as the harvest from the fields, as the fruits from the orchard.  Wait until it is time, and then rise-up.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once the seeds and the plants are in the field, the farmers watch carefully, tending the fields, keeping them clean, and free of weeds, so that the weeds do not strangle-out the tender plants.  The farmers watch the fields, and the rains come, and the sun shines, and the plants grow.  And the Earth is filled with gardens of vegetables, orchards of fruit, vineyards of grapes on the vine, but these things are not harvested, until it is time.  Before it is time, the fruit can be bitter, the vegetables sour, hard.  And the grapes, from the vine, cut early, will not produce a pleasing wine.  You are the same.  Listen to the voice of God within you, so that you might know when to speak.  And, if you have been taught well, and listened carefully, when it is time your words will be sweet, tender, pure, and a joy to behold.  Wait until it is time, and then rise-up, and go forth: to speak the words of Heaven onto the Earth; to perform the deeds of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth.  These things are all possible to do because God is waiting to teach you.  Listen.  Be patient.  Wait for the time.