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July 21, 2019



      Oftentimes, it is not easy to make your way in the world, and during those times, when it is not so easy to make your way in the world, it can be difficult to see the value of the lessons and opportunities all around thee.  Everything that comes to you is yours to do.  When it appears as if you are floundering, or possibly falling, trying to accomplish something that has come to you, pay attention to what is happening, and in the midst of what appears to be crumbling, understand, “this is the lesson that has come to me.”  There is no accident, there is no coincidence, only the things that you must learn, and the things that you must do.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      Those of you who are parents understand, readily, that sometimes the things you are trying to teach your children are received with less than enthusiasm.  Sometimes, the lessons that come to those of you upon Earth are received with less than enthusiasm; but, if you will be still, I will whisper within you, and you will hear My guidance, and I will encourage you to continue the process, until it is complete; and as you continue the process, and the practice, you will find that it is you, that is becoming complete!