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July 21, 2020



      Be mindful of your thoughts.  Do not give, the voices of darkness and shadow, sanctuary, within your sacred being.  Do not embrace words, or thoughts, telling you: that you should be ashamed; that you are bad; that you are greedy; that you are not generous; that you are not kind.  Do not listen to these inner voices of turmoil.  They are spirits of fear, and doubt, and worry.  They are spirits of shame, and guilt, and greed, prompting you to pay attention, and to heed what they say.  But when you are listening to these words that berate and belittle you, it is difficult for you to hear Me, whispering to you, “Come, let us talk of kindness, today.”  “Come, let us speak of the ways of peace, today.”  Because you see My child, I will not berate you, or belittle you, in any way.  I will show you The Way.  Be vigilant.  Listen.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When your thoughts are filled with doubt, and worry, guilt, and shame, rise-up, and proclaim who you are, for these voices are not of Heaven.  They are voices of darkness, and shadow, and will lead you astray.  There is no need for you to wander in darkness in this way.  When you are filled with any negative thoughts, pronounce yourself as a child of God, with the authority to rid your inner being of this darkness, and shadow.  And you do it, by simply saying, “Get thee behind me;” or, “I cast you from me;” or, simply, “Be gone from me.”  When you realize that you have the power, the God-given power, to protect your inner sanctuary, then: you will keep it free from debris, and clutter; and you will hear the voice of God better; and you will know My guidance, because you will hear, and you will know.  And a sure sign is that we will encourage your steps forward, rather than putting you down, or crushing your spirit.  Pay attention to your thoughts.  Be discerning of the guidance you are receiving.  And, when it is positive, and filled with all possibly, then rise-up, and do, and say, and think, and pray, for you are being led, all along The Way, by the voice of God.