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July 21, 2021


      You are familiar with the face you see in the mirror.  You are familiar with the shape of the body you see, as you pass by a storefront, with glass.  You are familiar with your physical presence, and you believe that is you, most of the time.  But today, I tell you, the face in the mirror, the body shape, reflected in the glass of a storefront, is not you.  It is the garment that you are wearing, over the spirit, that is you, so that you might have an Earth experience, for a while.  It is time to get familiar with the spirit, within you, that is the eternal you, the forever you, the powerful you.  That which your body cannot do, your physical body cannot do, the spirit, that is you, can do, because you are spirit, and you are from Me, and your spirit body is energy and light.  Become familiar with the eternal you, the powerful you, the you, of My spirit and My light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you assume that your physical presence is you, you also assume the limitations, of the physical presence, that is you; but when you come to know the eternal being, the spirit, within the garment of Earth, that is you, you find there are no boundaries, and no limitations to what you can do, because you are of God, your spirit comes from G od.  It is energy and light, and it is of the Heavenly Dimension.  Your physical body can hold you in place, because of limitations.  But the real you, the eternal you, has no limitation.  Today, begin to go inward, and introduce yourself to the eternal being, that is you, because the physical you will not go on into eternity.  The spirit, that is you, will live forever, in eternity.  See your body as a garment, a dress, a suit, which can be removed, revealing the real, eternal, authentic you.