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July 22, 2019



      After a good night’s sleep,  you often find yourself: standing-up, spreading your arms wide and stretching; throwing your head back: and breathing-in deeply.  It is a new day!  Begin this day in the same way.  Reach beyond, stretch the boundaries, breathe-in deeply, and celebrate that you live!

                                                                 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Breathing, walking, singing, wrapping your arms around a loved one, reaching-out to help a child, feeling the sun upon your face, these are just a few of the Earth experiences that are available for you, and all who will pay attention.  Resist the temptation to lower your head, and look at the desk top, or the floor, or feel you are weighed-down by all you have to do.  Stand-up and break free from the chains that are diminishing your stature.  Hold your shoulders back, and celebrate!  The new day has come to you.  It is worthy of celebration, and so are you!