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July 22, 2020



      It is important to connect with Me, at the beginning of every day.  With intention, and purpose, connect with Me, every day, because as we walk together, into the day you are to experience, everything you encounter, all that is placed in front of you to do, is possible for you to do, because we are working together.  As we walk through the day, and you encounter individuals, who in the past you might have found difficult to love, together I shall love through you.  And as My love flows through you, to the individual in front of you, they are blessed, but My child, you are blessed too, for My loved has poured through you to another.  When we walk together, through the day, all the obstacles, that you encounter, will fall away, because that, which I wish for you to do, will be done by Me through you.  In this way, no task is impossible to do.  This is why I have said to you, “If it comes to you, it is yours to do.”  But you do not have to face all that comes to you alone.  Connect with Me.  We will walk through each day together.  And as we walk, and talk, and grow nearer, you will see that all that comes to thee can be done.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Use The Gifts that have been given to you.  The one who is asked to go out and dig a hole, and given a shovel, and a pick, does not leave the shovel, and the pick, at their doorstep, and go out, and begin to dig with their hands.  You have been given all that you need to do what is yours to do, as you walk upon the Earth.  Do not leave these Gifts behind.  Do not make your task more difficult, by rejecting The Gifts you have been given, by leaving them behind.  Today, in faith, walk through the day knowing, not hoping, knowing that you have within you all that you need to accomplish your mission.  But you must use The Gifts, or the mission will seem more difficult.  Use The Gifts that are especially assigned to you, for the mission that is ahead of you.  Come the end of the day, you will smile, and realize, that which came to you was possible to do, using The Gifts Divine.