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July 22, 2021


      Be still, be quiet, so that, when I whisper your name, you hear Me.  You are prepared to hear Me, in the quiet, for much is spoken, within silence.  It is the language of the heart, and it is beautiful, compelling, and powerful.  But you are not able to take part in this silent conversation, if you are not still, and quiet.  I AM with you.  Hear Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a pleasant experience to feel the brush of a gentle breeze on a summer day.  And if you look at the trees around you, you will see that as the breeze moves through them, some leaves move slightly, others appear as if they are waving, while still others are not moved, by the breeze, at all.  And that is The Way it is with Spirit.  I AM The Wind, and I move.  And, just as I move through the trees, and some are touched, and some are not, so it is with you, and those around you.  Feel My Presence, and be moved, by My ways.  Be still, and you will feel Me, more.  Be quiet, and you will hear Me, more.  Open, and you will know The Way to go, because I will show you The Way to go.