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July 23, 2019



      The human body, which you most often believe defines who you are, is temporary, it comes from dust, and eventually it will wear-out and return to dust.  Therefore, understand that it is the spirit within you, which animates the dust of Earth, in such a way, that you move, and breathe, and speak.  Without the spirit within you, the body would be limp, and empty, and void of light.  So, do not spend so much time on the body, neglecting the spirit that is you.  Do not spend so much time pampering that, which will pass.  Focus on the eternal you, the spirit that is within you  The spirit will lift-you-up, the spirit will fill you with wisdom.  Today, reverse the order.; put your spirit first, and let your body follow, rather than choosing to put the spirit in second place; for, if you will call forth the spirit that is you, and then let the body follow, you will be walking upon the Earth, as it was meant to be.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      You are an eternal being, created by God; and, when you arrive upon the Earth, it can be a challenge to remember the proper order of things.  Sometimes, you can lose direction, not knowing where to go, what to heed; but, if you will be spirit first, commanding your body to follow, wearing your body as a garment, an “earthsuit,” you will have the ultimate human experience, and your experience will be complete, when it is time to return Home.  Today, connect with the spirit that is you, and direct your body to follow.  You will find joy in the spirit, you will find faith in the spirit, you will find that the spirit will heal the body, when the body is told to follow.