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July 23, 2020



      Your power does not lie within the body, the physical body, you wear upon the Earth.  Your power lies within the spiritual body, and your spiritual body is not confined to reside within your physical body.  Your spiritual body is not locked in the cage you call your human body.  Think about this.  That which you create, within your spiritual body, is not held within your physical body.  It moves from you.  Your creations, whether they be positive, or negative, move-out, and move beyond your physical body.  You will have so many opportunities this day to bless every individual you encounter, all along The Way.  Now, your blessing of smiling, at a total strange, whom you pass, will touch their heart, in a special way.  But that smile upon your face stays on your physical body, yet the energy, of the creation of kindness, that came from your spiritual body, moves through your physical body, and out into the world.  That energy, that vibration, of kindness, moves from you, touching, and moving into, the individual, who just passed you.  That energy continues to move out into the world.  You do not yet comprehend the power of your spiritual body, but it is far more powerful than your physical body.  Your thoughts are creations.  And when you put your thoughts to action, in words, and deeds, you bring these creations more solidly into the third dimension.  But these thoughts you create do not remain within you.  They move through you, and out beyond the boundary of your physical body.  Pray for guidance, and wisdom, to comprehend this, so you know what you are doing, as you make your way through this day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many times, you can feel the energies and vibrations, created by another, even after they are no longer physically on the scene.  You can open the door to a room, and walk-in, and feel, and know, that a type of argument has taken place in that room.  While there is no physical evidence, there is spiritual evidence, because the room feels unclean.  You can walk into a room and feel love.  Even though there is no physical evidence, you feel the presence of love.  You feel the presence of peace.  You feel the presence of forgiveness.  You feel these things, often without knowing it.  Today, begin to recognize the power of the creation within the spiritual body, and come to realize your spiritual body is not locked away in the physical body.  It reaches beyond, and its creations move beyond.  Pay attention to what you are creating.