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July 23, 2021


      Do not accept the seeds of doubt others might try to give you, try to encourage you to sew in your garden.  And if the seeds of doubt are sewn in your garden, by another, through chance, or careless conversation, gather them out, immediately.  Pull them to the side.  Cast them away.  For the seeds, of doubt, will grow quickly, and they will grow into frustration, and worry, and they will hold you in place.  They will grow so quickly that, even when you try to avoid them, they will be as a tangled thicket, which is difficult to beat down, or pull out.  And these seeds of doubt will keep you from accomplishing all that you are meant to do, all that you are capable, and able, of doing.  Do not accept the seeds of doubt, even when offered with a smile, and a friendly gesture.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The seeds of doubt, once accepted in the fertile soil of one’s garden, grow quickly.  Overnight they spring up.  They choke out the seeds of compassion and forgiveness, that are flowering beautifully, and the garden, almost overnight, is a tangled web of doubt.  Do not think that doubt is powerless.  The word, almost, seems powerless.  But it is powerful.  And without force, without anger, or fighting, or hatred, this power of doubt, can choke you, and all you are meant to do, fully, choke you out.  And it is often given with a smile, or a hug, or encouragement.  Reject it.  Avoid it.  Do not let the seeds of doubt strangle you, or your mission, or your journey, upon the Earth.




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