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July 24, 2021



      All that I created is sacred.  The Earth, beneath your feet, the soil, the dust, the rocks, the sand, it is all sacred.  Mother Earth, My creation, is sacred.  She honors this sacredness, by all that you see around you, in nature.  And even when it is covered up, with tar and concrete, you see a blade of grass, pushed up through a crack, at your fee.  You see the birds flying above you, and around you.  You inhale the beauty, of the aroma, of the flowers, and the vines, and the vegetables, growing in the gardens.  You are aware of it.  But, most often, not the sacredness of it.  If you move closer, to this comprehension, it is not far behind, that process, that you realize, and accept, the sacredness of you.  And then, realization brings to reality, the sacredness, of your thoughts, your words, and all you do.  Bless your thoughts, your words, and all you do, by acknowledging the sacredness, within you, because I put it there.  You are sacred.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       All of God’s creation sings, sings of creation, in a noble way.  And the songs of creation, of nature, are often imitated, in the musical creations, of the human being, with the heart.  And the music is most beautiful, when it is in harmony, with the song of nature, because, at that point, the human being, is singing from the heart, and joining the trees, and the rocks, and the rills, and the rivers, and the oceans.  And The Song of Creation rises-up, from the Earth, and floats in the heavens, and all dimensions.  And all residing in those dimensions pause, so they might hear, those of Earth sing The Song of Creation.