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July 25, 2020



      The benefits of sitting quietly, in prayer, at the beginning of each day, will amaze you.  You will be surprised at the results of carving-out a space, and a time, to begin each day in prayer.  At first, this will be difficult to do, because the temptations will bother you, nagging you to hurry into the day, to rush to that place, or to open-up your desk, and begin your work, because there is so much to do, you will not finish, if you do not apply yourself, immediately.  And on, and on, it goes.  They come at you almost as a threat:  if you do not do this, you will not succeed; if you do not hurry into the day, you will not get all you need to complete that assignment.  Soon you feel as if you are a wind-up toy, and the key, of anxiety, is turned, and turned, and turned, until everything is tight inside.  But, when that key is released, instead of operating, in an orderly fashion, you begin spinning in circles, running here, and there, flipping over, no longer functioning, wheels spinning in the air.  I promise you this.  If you will begin each day quietly, no matter how much is ahead of you to accomplish, that which you do accomplish will be done in peace, and calm.  You will not waste energy, running in circles, you will be fueled with My love for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be trying, when you decide you are going to begin a practice of prayer every day.  It seems like many things just flow into the way, and you start your day filled with ego chatter.  “I must do this and that.”  “I will pray later.”  “I will find time tomorrow.”  “I will start tomorrow.”  The best time is to start now.  Take some time to connect with The Source of all life within you.  Connect with God, Who has given you life, an abundant life, an eternal life.  So, sit, and chat, for a while.  Listen, as God speaks to you, and guides you.  Do not focus on the ways of the world, first.  Sit in the lap of God, and be filled with love, and then you will be fueled with love to last all through the day.